Board Members

President and Medical Director

Dr. Richard Mestayer, III


Carl Camp


Paula Mestayer


Paula Hotard

AABMM Committee Member

Jade Berg, Ph.D

Advisory Board


Dr. Susan Broom-Gibson, School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences, William Carey University

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, Functional Medicine of Georgia and NAD of Georgia


Dr. Jade Berg, Australasian Research Institute, University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Dr. Walker B. Dixon, Summit Wellness Center, Portland, OR

Dr. Ross Grant, Australasian Research Institute and School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

Dr. Fenton LeBon, Molecular World Health, Inc.

Dr. David Lefer, Cardiovascular Center of Excellence and LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans

Dr. Richard Mestayer, Springfield Wellness Center, NAD Research, Inc.

Dr. Arwen Podesta, Podesta Psychiatry, LLC

Dr. Ken Starr, Ken Starr Wellness Group

Dr. Liz Stuller, EHP Behavioral Health Services, Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Dr. James P. Watson, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA